What is cross site scripting?

Cross-site Scripting (XSS) is a javascript code injection attack. it enables attackers to inject their codes and steal user cookies by those vunlerable websites.

<script> document.write(document.cookie) </script>

Types of XSS:

Persistent XSS (Stored XSS):-

When our injected malicous script is stored in server DB, which can be retrived and executed in client app they are called as Stored XSS.

Non-persistent XSS (Relfected XSS):-

When malicous payload is injected and an immediate response in an unsafe way is called Relfected XSS.


Use DOMPurifer in front-end client app to santize the unsafe html entiry points.

Use AntiSamy in server-side which is proposed by OWASP to filter the unsafe input from the http request.